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Adwords, Google Pay Per Click Advertising

We provide Google PPC management service to UK businesses. We are Google Adwords qualified and have plenty of experience working with Adwords.

Adwords, Google Pay Per Click Advertising

Google AdWords is the market leader in PPC Advertising and in our experience it usually offers the best ROI for UK businesses.

Google Adwords Management

Kaspid LTD provides a Google PPC management service to UK businesses and organisations. We can handle target markets in the UK or worldwide.

The following are some of the key issues to consider when managing a Google AdWords pay per click advertising campaign:
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Pay per click maximum cost per click
  • Pay per click advertising copy
  • Pay per click tracking

Google Pay Per Click Benefits:

Google Pay Per Click lets you:
  • Target your ads specifically to people who are looking for your services
  • Avoid showing your ads to users who aren't likely to purchase from you
  • Obtain the maximum ROI on your advertising investment
  • Reach Each month, approximately 80% of Internet users
  • AdWords ads engage potential customers at precisely the right moment
  • You can edit an existing ad, then see your updates within 15 minutes
  • AdWords is cost-effective for businesses of all sizes
  • There's no minimum spending limit
  • Ads start running for the first time almost immediately

Qualified Google Professional Advertiser

(Qualified Hubert Sepidnam)

Qualified Google Professional AdvertiserKaspid is Google Adwords qualified and have plenty of experience working with the Adwords Marketing. We have experience in managing a very broad range of budgets from a few hundred pounds up to several thousand per month.

Contact KaspidCall us on 0800 0436470 or email for Google AdWords pay per click management services.

Kaspid Experience

Kaspid is a web marketing and web design company working with businesses in Bournemouth, London, Poole, Middlesbrough, Surrey, Lincoln, Leicester, Dorchester, Edinburgh, Cambridge and Northampton. We have been providing UK businesses with affordable web design, search engine optimisation, pay per click, CMS and Ecommerce.
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