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PPC Advertising, Pay Per Click Marketing and Pay Per Click Services UK

We can manage your campaign on Google Adwords, Yahoo and MSN for a small monthly fee.

PPC Advertising, Pay Per Click Marketing and Pay Per Click Services UK

PPC advertising or Pay Per Click allows your company to appear in search engine listings when a search relating to your product or service is carried out. Our highly experienced PPC team, with a perfect combination of marketplace research and technical knowledge, so you can be confident that only the best are working on your PPC account.

Kaspid is Google Adwords qualified and have plenty of experience working with the Google, Yahoo and MSN search networks.

Pay Per Click Benefits

  • Pay Per Click is very fast to implement
  • Pay Per Click is Measurable
  • Pay Per Click is Cost Effective
  • Pay Per Click is for Businesses of all size

PPC Management Services

Successful PPC campaigns offer amazing returns and brand building opportunities.
But every Pay Per Click campaign needs management. You need to pay close attention to changing markets. It all takes time.

Kaspidís Pay Per Click management service ensures that your PPC campaigns are targeted, accountable and affordable,. The best thing about paid search is you can see exactly what your return on advertising spend is at the click of a mouse. We make sure your bids are strategic and the return is monitored all the time.

Kaspidís Pay Per Click Services

  • 1- Keyword Analysis: We make sure that we produce a list of the relevant search phrases, accompanied by effective copy for each phrase, to give your Pay Per Click campaign the best possible start.
  • 2- Landing Page Optimisation: critical to ensure that once internet users click through to your website from a search engine, they find exactly what they want Ė most importantly Kaspid will help you maximise your PPC conversion rates.
  • 3- PPC Account Management: By creating and managing your PPC accounts, we can help you to increase your return of investment (ROI) Ė giving you more time to focus on running your business.
  • 4- Tracking and Reporting: We monitor every click through and offer you detailed reports at all times, resulting in a clear and accountable campaign. Our policy also means you can access all your Pay Per Click accounts continually.

Contact KaspidEmail or call us today on 0800 0436470 to see how we can improve your current Pay Per Click advertising spend or to give you advice.

Kaspid Experience

Kaspid is a web marketing and web design company working with businesses in Bournemouth, London, Poole, Middlesbrough, Surrey, Lincoln, Leicester, Dorchester, Edinburgh, Cambridge and Northampton. We have been providing UK businesses with affordable web design, search engine optimisation, pay per click, CMS and Ecommerce.
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