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Email Marketing

We offer expert permission email marketing solutions, we provide a comprehensive online marketing services. Send marketing emails then track and report on the success of your campaign.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing Email marketing is a cost effective way of generating new prospects and sales. It enables you to get your message across to customers easily and quickly. Kaspid LTD now have over 600,000 opt-in, verified UK business email addresses for targeted email marketing data lists. But we don’t just have the email addresses - We can broadcast and track your email campaign for you too.

Email Marketing Solutions

Kaspid is a web-based email marketing and business communications service and technology.
We offer comprehensive email list management, user-friendly newsletter and campaign creation, multilingual support, absolute highest rates of email deliverability, full anti-spam compliance and ISP relations management, and advanced campaign tracking and analysis to enable greater optimization of email and a higher return on investment.

Whatever your uses of email communications - to maintain customer relationships, promote your business, facilitate sales and cross-sales - Kaspid is the perfect partner for getting your message across.

Kaspid's web-based email solutions and services offer advanced email marketing platform including list management, real-time email tracking, campaign analysis, bounce management, content personalization, API integration, ISP relations and much more.

List Hosting Services

  • Create, rename and delete lists
  • Create user groups - campaign groups
  • List segmentation
  • List growth tracking
  • Upload lists directly from excel/CVS files
  • Add and customize user fields
  • Integrate your website's online subscription
  • View list reports and analysis on list growth and loss

Email Campaigns Creation

  • Easy, web-based
  • Template Tool - Pre-built and customizable templates
  • HTML Importer
  • Rich media insertion
  • Preview and test before send
  • Perform A/B testing to compare best results
  • Scheduling and Automation Engine
  • Pre-scheduled personal messages for birthdays, anniversaries, event-triggered
  • Triggered Email
  • Automated email response to an event such as user subscribe/unsubscribe' product purchase etc.
  • Create email cycles with one or more emails sent automatically in specified time intervals
  • Multilingual support - right-to-left and left-to right languages

Email Deliverability

  • 100% delivery rates
  • Bounce Retry/Processing
  • Every mail sent by Kaspid includes an un-subscribe message
  • All un-subscribes are automatically removed, tracked and reported
  • Manage relationships with leading ISPs
  • Immediate handling of deliverability issues
  • Automated checking against 100+ blacklists
Email Deliverability

Track and Analyse

Track and Analyse
  • Overall executive reports
  • User views
  • Clicks
  • Hot spots – a detailed map of the areas clicked in your campaign
  • Geo mapping
  • User browser and their operating systems
  • Campaign success rating
  • Goals (Return of Investment)
  • Comparative reports
  • Remove/ opt-out requests
  • Bounces
  • Download List by Data Field, Filter and List Status
  • Recommendations engine
  • Email reports

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Kaspid Experience

Kaspid is a web marketing and web design company working with businesses in Bournemouth, London, Poole, Middlesbrough, Surrey, Lincoln, Leicester, Dorchester, Edinburgh, Cambridge and Northampton. We have been providing UK businesses with affordable web design, search engine optimisation, pay per click, CMS and Ecommerce.
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