One Important Thing to Know About Marketing an Indie Game

There was once a time when game marketing Hosting servers is something an indie game maker wouldn’t bat an eyelid on. However, in this present age, pc gaming developers are now recognizing its significance and make some effort to dominate the field. But these efforts are not enough to show that they are different than the rest. This article will help developers out there gain insights about marketing, and how to utilize it for the publicity of their game.

When is the correct time to market your game?

Before we dive into deeper specifics, developers must know that marketing doesn’t always mean it would start after a specific game is made available to the public. Maybe some of you notice that after a game is released, its sales are over the top within the first week. However, it is important to note that when your target audience doesn’t know about your game before the time of its launch, the sales will likely going to suffer.

As an alternative, make sure to keep this in mind—you can start the marketing of your game when you got a hold of its basic mechanics and how would it appear to the public.

Whether if it’s a demo of the game, a completed level, or a high-quality mock-up, you must start making hype as soon as you have thought of something worth showing off to the public. On that point and onwards, start making effort to market your game slowly.

Here’s another tip—although it is necessary to have early marketing for your game, you should carefully think about how you would posts it on any websites. Do not post it yet when your idea is unpolished, especially if it is still in the first stage of development.

Go on Public

You may have a website, a trailer, and even development blogs, but when no one knows you, all of it will be laid waste. Probably, the hardest part when marketing a game is making other people aware of its existence. Once they knew, the rest will flow smoothly—or it depends if your game is something they viewed as worth trying.

The following are the ways you can use to get the public start talking about your game:

  • Social Media

First on the lists is social media. Generally, people nowadays are spending a lot of time scrolling down on their social media accounts. You can use this as an opportunity to market your game to your target audience. However, make sure to create eye-catching content to make this work so that users may not want to miss viewing your posts.

  • Gaming Booths

This may require a few of your own money but it is worth the try. If you want to create an impact on a wide array of audiences, you may want to save up for a booth at bigger game conventions like PAX. If your budget is tight, there are some other pc gaming conventions, like Indie Mega Booth.


Marketing your game is as equally important as polishing and debugging it. Without marketing it, how would you expect that your target audience will get to know about the existence of your game? However, before marketing the game you made, make sure that every detail is polished, up-to-date, and can catch the interest of your viewers. Otherwise, your marketing campaign will end up in vain.