Tips for Integrating Instagram in Web Design

Instagram is a photo-sharing platform that allows people to buy instagram followers and share photos. With over 400 million active users and numerous business tools, it is not surprising that it is one of the most appropriate advertising platforms in the world.

If you are a webs designer, you may be wondering why and how to integrate Instagram in web design. Read on to find out!

Reasons for integrating Instagram in web design

Here are some important reasons for incorporating Instagram in web design.

  • Customers increase their trust in your brand

Building a professional Instagram page makes your brand reliable and this helps to improve customer’s trust. Consequently, it develops a healthy relationship between you and your customers.

  • Promotes your business

With many users on Instagram, you can promote your business through the wide array of business tools.

  • Promotes the growth of your business

Having an Instagram page where you can post photos of your business ideas and other things can boost your business growth.

  • Easy link with clients

Integrating this photo sharing platform with your web design business can help you build a strong client base. Besides, you will reach out to them effectively.

How to Integrate Instagram into Web Design

The tools available on this social media platform makes it possible for it to be integrated with web design in the following ways:

  • Embedded Instagram feed

The most basic way of integrating Instagram with web design is embedding it with feeds. You can embed the feeds below the folds on the home page by having a theme that rhymes well with current products and web design colors.

  • Lookbook

This type of integration with web design promotes e-commerce. It links the shown glasses, and a thumbnail image is clicked.

  • Sales focus

This is an Instagram marketing approach where different pages with different sales appear when the user is about to open his or her Instagram page. The pictures of products are displayed with links that the users can click on.

When they do, it will lead him or her to the point of purchase. Instagram for business has helped to grow e-business through increased advertisements.

  • The hashtag feed

The hashtag feed combines Instagram tweets and posts in one feed and is then displayed on the homepage. This makes the users feel that they are part of the activity and it increases engagement.

  • E-commerce platform

Companies such as FourSixty and Like2Buy have created platforms that can connect Instagram and e-commerce businesses. Links created are used to invite customers to the Instagram pages for purchase. Also, the links contain messages about the products, and this translates to sales when customers click and view them.

  • Instagram badge

The Instagram logo found at the bottom left corner with other social media badges is very important. The logo doesn’t distract from the website’s animated graphic and authentic design.

  • Bonus

Sandwich creative has designed a technique that puts a website and all the information connected to it on Instagram. When viewers scroll down the IG page, the tiles convert into new pages.


Integrating your Instagram page with your web design business can significantly help you build, grow, and promote your brand. Customers will be able to reach you easily when they follow you.