How to Design Perfect Product Labels

Have you wondered why printers for color labels are flying off from the shelves and others just stayed on the shelves for too long? Excellent, well-designed product labels can greatly affect the success of the products being presented. While it seems easy to create product labels, it comes with great responsibility. Think about how consumers shop nowadays and how they decide on which products to buy.

Most shoppers decide based on the creativeness and attractiveness of the product label so it might be a challenge for product packaging that is less attractive. You might consider getting a graphic designer to do the job for you, but you can always create your own package labels. Read on and find out the steps in creating perfect product printing labels.

Know your customers. In creating the product label, knowing your buyers will surely help you in determining how to start. Factors such as age, gender, lifestyle, education, and values are key factors in finding out your customers. This is important to know because different people most likely to respond to visual cues, it is also ideal to imagine their motivations for getting the right audience.

Decide on label size. When choosing label sizes, opt for unusual or non-standard sizes according to your container shape. It is easy to catch the buyer’s attention if you have a unique product label size.  Always check the shape of your container to avoid labels that peel off easily. Prior to finalizing the size, you can explore readily available product labels in different designs such as small, minimalist, or big, catchy ones.

Choose quality materials to be used. No matter how great your design is but if you are using poor quality materials will put everything to waste. Provide your customers with the impression that you are only using good quality materials on your products. Don’t forget that whatever you put in your product is a depiction of what kind of product you are selling them. In order to create the perfect product label, high-quality materials will be worth it.

Pick the right colors for your label. One of the most important steps in creating a product label is to choose the color scheme. You have to consider some factors such as the type of your product, your consumers, and most importantly the colors used by other brands. Don’t be too overwhelmed by using bright colors, instead stick to your brand colors. In this way, your customers can easily recognize your product from competing brands.

Consider the use of pictures and graphics. Having the perfect visual elements on your product label is as important as the selection of colors. Pictures, graphics, patterns, and illustrations are helpful especially to create and involve emotions with your customers. Also, the images that you will be creating with your product label should be associated with the product that you are presenting. Consider your audiences when picking images for your products, for example for young audiences, select bright and eye-catching images.