Boosting Your Web Design Business: Tapping on Instagram

Digital platforms have been reigning supreme in the business and marketing arena to view private Instagram for years. E-commerce is booming. Businesses seek to establish visibility online, leaving digital footprints as much as possible.

However, it’s not until a few years back that social media was used as a marketing medium. Instagram, in particular, has been utilized by businesses to build networks, increase site visits, and generate more leads and sales conversions.

With over a billion users, you can never go wrong investing in Instagram marketing if you want to make waves for your web design business. Here’s how:

  1. Treat your bio like a welcoming masterpiece

Your bio introduces your business so make sure that your words and tone can verbally showcase your brand’s mind and soul accurately. It’d be helpful to make it concise but powerful; one that can speak volumes for your brand without saying too much.

You can also attach a link in your bio to drive more traffic to your website. Your bio should be a loud and attractive Call to Action (CTA) for that traffic to keep coming.

  1. Audience Engagement

You shouldn’t just blab about your business on your IG page, you have to engage your audience. There’s no use getting a lot of eyes on you if you’re unresponsive.

Make sure you interact with your audience by replying to their comments and including CTAs on your posts. This is a good way to build a strong network of followers and like-minded enthusiasts with whom you can share business conversations.

  1. Create and show the story of your business

Audience engagement has been shown to increase if you tell stories to your followers. Aside from pictures, you can post video stories that can be viewed for a day. The stories you tell are a form of interaction. If you do well, you can go trending or viral. More audience for you!

  1. Let influencers give you a hand

Reach more people through influencers. They have substantial numbers of followers so one of them can be your bridge to thousands of people. It’s like the digital word-of-mouth marketing style.

Be wise in connecting with influencers. Their audience must be within your niche and they must have some level of resonance with your brand.

  1. Mind your content

Good content is worth reading and sharing. Make sure that your content is always relevant and relatable. Know your audience, familiarize their language, and use it to speak your brand’s story and personality. Also, limit your hashtags to 30. You don’t want them to look messy.

  1. Be consistent

Create a posting schedule and always follow through. What you’ve been building can easily fall apart if you go quiet for days.

However, be careful not to flood-post your page and your followers’ feeds. Find the balance between underwhelming and overwhelming.

The steps above should give you leverage in promoting your business and letting it grow through Instagram. Don’t forget to have fun doing it. If you stick to your brand voice and post good content, the right audience will find you.