Grow your Design Business and Get More Clients with Instagram

Instagram has officially hit a billion users midway of 2018, and the number is steadily rising. According to fanexplosion.de that platform has been integrated into everyday life, thus making it a conducive tool for connection and business.

However, the app was designed to accommodate the least number of external links. Only those accounts that are verified or who have well over 10,000 followers can add links to their stories. This means that for an ordinary user, traffic, visitors and engagement for your design business will be derived through a different approach.

For that, we have 4 neat tips you can try for yourself.

Curate Your Feed

Instagram started as a social media application dedicated to image and video-sharing, and although it has had its features upgraded, it still is to some degree. The grid layout of the gram is the same for every profile, so this allows for users to upload their posts with a cohesive theme. This can help in making your business distinct and professional.

Content Consistency is Key

When you’re starting out your profile, it goes without saying that there won’t be much activity going on, but this means that you have to reel in different profiles within your network. Follow for follows is a good way to gain an audience, but your profile has to appear active. This means constant uploading of content and regular interaction with people in the network. This can boost your engagement and help your account emerge and grow.

Link on Bio

Instagram restricts the placement of external links as captions on your posts, but it will direct you to where people can see it immediately when they go to your profile – on your bio. This can be a link to your website, but if you don’t have one, this can be a link to your most recent project, a big event your team has been a part of, or to your online portfolio.

From the Gram to the Press

Instagram and WordPress are two of the tools that every designer-business man is very much familiar with. When used together, the marketing for your products and services won’t be limited to a 1:1 ratio image and its caption. You can incorporate minimalist themes like Niche Pro for starters. The best thing about it is it’s for free!

Set Up Instagram for Shopping

This business feature isn’t available in all countries, but if yours allows access to it, it can allow you to directly link your account to the products. This works especially better for physical products like prints and merchandise but not as much as for services and digital products. This must also mean your Instagram account is set as a Business profile and must be incorporated into your Facebook business page and catalog.


The business world is growing fast and evolving over time, and through the internet, it has gained a reach that was far wider than the traditional methods have. All in the attempt to save resources like time and energy, you should also try these tips alongside many business owners such as yourself. Just continue the research, put in the work, and slowly inch yourself to the top. We’re looking forward to seeing more of your works. Good luck!