20 Best Fitness and Workout Apps Everyone Is Using in 2020

Fitness and workout apps have made every fitness enthusiast’s life easier without the need to pay much for gym classes or expensive fitness equipment. With quick install guide by Ekocycle and easy access to massive workout routines and fitness tips, everyone with a smartphone can achieve a more holistic and active lifestyle. To help you find the best fitness and workout apps, here are 20 best workout and fitness apps in 2020.


This app works best with your health wearables, like your smart bands or watches, to track your daily activities. Then, it recommends the best exercises and workout routines for your lifestyle. It also has personalized fitness guides, workout videos, and even a radio that tunes up your exercise routines, wherever you may be. Subscription is $80/year and is available on both Android and iOS


The 8Fit app offers customized routines that can keep you physically fit, even without the needed equipment. It also provides healthy meal plans that can help you achieve the body you’ve always wanted. It’s also easy to set up, as you get to set your fitness goals before using the app. Subscription is at $60/year and is available on iOS and Android.

Studio Bloom

Studio Bloom offers tailored pre-natal and post-natal workout routines and corrective exercises that are safe for them. Nutritional guides are also available for them, alongside some meditation guides to keep you physically and mentally fit during and after your pregnancy. It is only offered on iOS for $39/month.


Want a personalized fitness training? This app has workout programs that suit your fitness goals and lifestyle. They’re not the usual one-routine-fits-all style, as all plans are specially designed just for you. It also includes workout support via text, video, and audio messaging. It even evolves as you meet your fitness goals. The app is only available on iOS for $80/month.


If you opt for audio, Aaptiv offers on-demand training classes and trainer guides that should guide you through your sessions in gyms or fitness studios. It’s available for both iOS and Android for only $15/month.

Nike Training Club

This famous shoe brand is not just for running fitness enthusiasts. Their intuitive fitness app offers workout routines that suit your fitness levels, preference, and way of life. Most of their video workout routines are designed from those done by fitness celebrities and athletes as well. The best part? It’s both available on Android and iOS for free.


Are you lifting weights and want to know your progress or guide yourself with weightlifting routines? Here are some fitness apps that do it for you:

Stacked (iOS, free)

Lift Log (iOS, $8/month)

Into yoga exercises? You can try these apps to keep you physically and mentally fit with the best yoga poses and routines:

Asana Rebel (iOS & Android, free)

Yoga Wake Up (iOS & Android, $10/month)

YogaGlo (iOS & Android, $18/month)

Alo Moves (iOS & Android, $20/month)

No equipment for your exercises? Here is a fitness app that can help you stay fit without the required fitness equipment:

Sworkit (iOS & Android, $10/month)

Into high-intensity training exercises? Here are the best fitness apps that offer HIIT right on your smartphone:

Keelo (iOS & Android, $13/month)

Obé (iOS, $27/month)

Are you running to keep yourself physically fit and healthy? Here are the best apps to keep you tracked of your distance and goals:

Adidas Running by Runtastic (iOS & Android, free)

Strava (iOS & Android, free)

Charity Miles (iOS & Android, free)

Looking for the best fitness class or wanting to connect with fellow fitness enthusiasts? Here are some apps you should install on your phone to get you connected:

Zenrez (iOS, free)

PumpUp (iOS & Android, free)


These fitness and workout apps will make you achieve your dream body without having to go to the gym or pay expensive membership fees. All you have to do is download the app that you think will work for you and hit it on.