Integrating Instagram into Web Design

Instagram is a social media platform that is becoming increasingly popular. The photo-sharing mobile platform boasts of over 400 million free Instagram followers instantly across the globe. For this reason, brands are after Instagram to promote their products.

While Instagram can be used for promoting many products, web designers have not yet embraced the platform. This is partly because they do not know how to integrate the platform in web design. Here is a list of brands that are performing fairly well through integration.

Embedded Instagram Feeds

Embedding a feed is the primary way brands use to integrate Instagram into web design. Famedrop, an online clothing store based in Montreal, embeds a feed on its home page below the fold. To achieve a more unified integration, you should have an Instagram theme that is well related to the web design colors as well as the current products you are offering.

The Lookbook

An IG page can create an entire webpage that is worth a lot of content without creating extra content. An example of a brand that uses this technique is Vu Sunglass. This brand uses a lookbook-style page where they promote their sunglasses.

When listed as “editorial” instead of an Instagram feed, it leaves little or no evidence that the quality content originated from their IG page. This smooth integration greatly promotes e-commerce as it links the shown glasses when one clicks the thumbnail image.

Sales Focus

White Fox Boutique employs a similar technique to Vu Sunglasses. This brand has created an IG page with a different sales approach. The page title is “Shop Our Instagram.” Its purpose has been made clear even before users arrive on the page. When users click on the Instagram pictures, links of the displayed items appear and lead them to the purchasing point.

Instagram is becoming more accommodative to users as more active e-commerce brands are being integrated on the mobile app. It has introduced a new feature, Instagram for Business, which is incorporating e-commerce into the famous mobile platform. However, the costs of IG adverts are high and therefore not feasible for small companies.

Hashtag Feed

Word-of-mouth promotion and evangelist marketing have become hyper-active in digital lifestyles. These strategies advocate for customer involvement in brand marketing. An example of such a brand is the Run Happy NYC community that is based in New York. This brand created a hashtag, #runhappynyc, to appeal to people to contribute content.

Instagram posts and Tweets can be combined into one feed and be displayed on the home page. Users feel they are part of something bigger when they interact through the hashtag created.

E-commerce Platform

Although Instagram is not optimized for e-commerce, some brands such as Like2Buy and FourSixty have linked commerce businesses and Instagram. However, it is not easy to link each Instagram post to the brand’s website. However, you can place a link on the profile description that directs users to the website. This experience is more enjoyable and it makes purchasing easier through IG.

Final Thought

Instagram is a popular social media platform that can be integrated into web design. Brands can utilize the mobile app to market their products and increase sales. Depending on the product you are selling, the integration should be done professionally to match with the Instagram themes and web design colors.