All You Need To Know About Faction Advantage and Faction Bonus

Some people go all-in with the ideas of faction bonus and faction advantages while others ignore them. Some do not know how to handle afk arena gift codes. Here is a guide that contains all the information that you should know about the faction advantage and faction bonus.

The Differences

For better understanding, you must learn the differences between the two terms. Faction bonus is a boost that you get when you have more heroes, which are of the same faction in your team. You will receive a percentage boost according to their stats. The faction bonus is viewed by clicking the topmost left corner in the battle. You will see them indicated as “your current faction bonus:”

On the other hand, faction advantage is basically how each faction operates against another faction.

The Importance

Understanding the ideas behind faction bonus and faction advantage is essential as it will affect your heroes’ choices. It will also have an impact on which heroes you send to the battle and how you position them on the battlefield.

One set up can get crushed or beat the enemy with some re-arrangements. Swapping one hero makes a difference in the battle as it can determine if you will lose or win.

The Impact of Faction Bonus

There are two strategies available for use, depending on the heroes available.

The first strategy is ignoring them and instead use a rainbow squad that has strong synergies. You are good if your team is working well together, stays alive, and can deal good damage without having to use three similar factions. Such a team should not be broken for 15% higher stats because it is not worth it.

The second strategy would be to have a 3/2 faction bonus setup. In this case, you have 3 of the same faction and 2 of another faction. This will give a 15% boost, and you will still be allowed to build a strong team.

You should avoid taking 5 or 4 of a similar faction bonus because there is no faction with many heroes who can perform well by building a strong team using a faction bonus.

It would help if you always used a team with strong synergies instead of using a team that relies on a faction bonus. This is because the extra stats will not compensate for a team that performs well using the general strategy.

Faction Advantage

Hero selection and placement are essential as they will determine the damage caused by one another. Generally, Wildheart is weaker against Maulers, while Lightbearers are more durable against Maulers. An enemy hero or your hero will incur 25% more damage if it is more vulnerable than the other.

Final Thought

Having the basic knowledge about faction bonus and faction advantage is crucial as it will make your AFK Arena experience more enjoyable. It is recommended that you build a strong rainbow faction or use the 3/2 faction bonus. Then re-arrange your heroes to cover the faction advantage. This combination is a sure path to crushing your enemy’s heroes as it the objective of the game