The 6ps of Preparing Well for Marketing Exam

When it comes to exam preparation, every one of us have different methods. However, there are best gmat study guide that we can all engage in to be adequately prepared, especially for a marketing exam.

Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance

Giving students the required information is a vital part of the teaching process; however, it is also important to provide them with tips on how to tackle tests. Exam preparations should be taken seriously as it can determine the performance of the students.

Time Management

Regardless of the time given to do the exam, time management remains vital. It is important to divide your time well and allocate each question the required time to answer and ensure satisfactory answering.

Reading the Questions

Ensure that you carefully read and understand the questions. Failure to do that will lead to difficulties while giving the answers. It may also cost you the limited time given to answer the questions. Take note of the keywords in each question.

Keywords include words such as list, explain justify among many more. Only answer according to what is asked, if the question asks you to list five points, list exactly that since you will not be given extra makers for listing more points than required.

Plan your Answer

Sketch brief points on the questioning you are answering. However, you should keep in mind that you do not have too much tie to do comprehensive sketching. The brief sketching will help you avoid answering the wrong question.

You can use the back of your exam paper to do the small layout, but remember to close that work with a line to show that the part should not be marked.

Use the Given Space Wisely

You should wisely plan how to use the given space in the answer booklet. This involves how you structure your answer with the aid of diagrams, tables and charts. This approach is useful when discussing marketing models and marketing theories.

A well-spaced answers will make your work organized and easy to mark. Aim at leaving 20% of white paper. Use bullets or headings to organize your answer.

Start answering different questions at a new page. This will make your work more clear and leave space to add information in case you finish all the question and feel that something need to be added. Nevertheless, you should add information only when you have covered all the other questions.

Theory without Application

One way of showing that you clearly understand a specific concept involves applying marketing theory to real-life situations. Research on several concepts that you can apply during your exam to make your answers more solid.

Practice on Answering Past Papers

Practice will make you perfect. Just like any other task such as cooking, practicing answering past papers will improve how you handle exams. Look for relevant exams papers and try to tackle them as if you are handling a real exam. Try to answer the questions under the normal time given during exams for such papers.

All the other considerations as discussed above should also be practiced using your chosen papers. Finally, the student should not forget to seek advice on areas they find challenging.