10 Effective Instagram Marketing Tips

Instagram is now one of the most popular platforms to showcase whatever it is you’re offering to the market. It is not very surprising because the platform focuses on photos, beautifying them with a number of filters that make the subject look more attractive. This is very beneficial for online sellers that bank on good photography, which is why a huge number of businesses opted to use Instagram Likes kopen as their main platform to reach consumers.

However, because of this, competition is also tougher.  If your business is one of those that use Instagram, here are some marketing tips that can help you boost popularity and revenue.

1.Use An Instagram Business Account

An Instagram Business Account will grant you features that will make it easier to do business. For example, Insights will help you know the success of your posts by providing you with statistics. Instagram ads will publish your products without you having to use another platform’s advertising tools, while the contact button will make it easier for your followers to reach you.

2.Take Advantage of the Free Instagram Tools

Use these IG tools to your advantage. They aren’t there to only give statistics; they’re there so that you can do something about the information that you get.

3.Invite People With Product Teasers

By releasing a 5-second teaser video or a shadowed photo, you build your followers’ anticipation that when you release the product, chances are they’re already decided on buying it.

4.Subscribe to Sponsored Ads

Sponsored ads are advantageous to your marketing campaign. They reach followers that you can’t by always being present and by popping up at the busiest times.

5.Host Products on Your Instagram Stories

Sometimes, your post can be buried by other users’ posts and so the chances of your followers seeing them decrease. With IG stories, you get to ensure that your post is somewhere followers can easily see.

6.Team Up with Influencers

Influencers have so many followers that almost everything they endorse automatically gets positive feedback. If you can team up with some of them, you get to boost your business’s popularity.

7.Repost Customers’ Product Photos

You posting your products and saying good things about them is already a given. While that may catch your followers’ attention, there is something about a fellow consumer’s testimony that weighs more in others’ perspective. Thus, invite your loyal customers to post your product photos by giving incentives and repost them with their permission.

8.Think of A Catchy and Interactive Hashtag

In this age, hashtags are incredibly popular. So, think of a catchy and interactive hashtag for your business and your products that your followers will be glad to use. Some products gain popularity because of the hashtag that comes along with it.

9.Time Your Posts Wisely

Do not flood your followers’ feed by posting something repeatedly and almost every five minutes. You need to learn when the busiest time of the day is so that you can time your posts wisely and get them the most attention.

10.Track Everything

Yes, some Instagram tools already do the tracking for you. However, you still need to manually track your posts and how people respond to each of them so that you know which products and strategies people buy and which ones they don’t.


Having your own Instagram Business Account takes  a lot of work to maintain, but if you do everything right, follow the marketing tips given, and put in the right amount of effort, the chances of your business succeeding will rise.