Top 10 Websites to Host Your Blog for Free

Pictures or images are necessary when you have blogs. The main concern about this is that pictures may take up plenty of space and bandwidth from browsers. Once you hop over to here you will find that this problem is uncommon compared to before. Nevertheless, many bloggers still chose to use the old and outdated servers because they are cheaper than the servers currently offered. Using these browsers are not recommended by expert bloggers.

It is a great idea to put your pictures in another place to save photo storage on your server. There are a lot of websites that offer free blog hosting. Below are the top 10 websites to host your blog for free.


Imgur was formerly known as WaffleImages and was used by popular websites Reddit and SomethingAwful. When WaffleImages died, Imgur replaced it in the spotlight.

Imgur is a unique website because it has evolved to something like a social network where users have made their own culture of memes and comments. There is an existence of a “Most viral” page that users can easily get ahold of the most popular images recently.


What’s best about WordPress is that users can directly upload photos to this website. Unlike many other websites, your photos are hosted on the servers of wordpress.com. In addition, you have all the control over your captions, texts, file names, titles, and other metadata.

Google Photos

As a blogger, Google Photos is a great website to use because of its wide variety of features that you can use.

Aside from the main use of Google Photos for automatically backing up your photos,  no one said you can’t perform hotlinking with it.


A beginner to the world of image hosting, Droplr is excellent to use with Apple products such as the Macbook and iPhones. This website is compatible with all other smartphones but is optimized to be used on Apple products.


Flickr is widely used by professional photographers. Photographers can get the license to their photos, meaning, you choose to set them for free to be used by other users.

Free Image Hosting

As the name of this website, using this host is literally free. Users can get links to their photos, upload them and link them anywhere. The main disadvantage of using this host is that it only supports major file formats such as png, jpg, and bmp.


This is an interesting website which also hosts adult content. If you are fond of posting rated 18+ pictures, then PostImage is the server for you.


This image host also serves as a search engine. You have to create an account or log in using facebook or google before you can use Pixabay. Pixabay does not allow hotlinking and licenses are already registered upon uploading your images.


You can use TinyPic for image hosting and hotlinking. What’s bad about using TinyPic is that there are a lot of ads playing as you are using this server. This host has a link connected to Photobucket.


Just like TinyPic, Photobucket is also used for hotlinking and hosting. And just like TinyPic, ads are usually played every now and then as you use Photobucket.

Using these websites to host your blogs for free is highly recommended if you want to become a blogger. Not only that they are free of charge, but the services that they offer are only one level down from any other paid hosts and servers.