Great SEO Tips That Would Enhance Your Web Design

If you’re trying to find success online with your business, then having a great platform design like backlinkboom.de should be considered. However, this is not the only thing that’s needed to make a website flourish. You also have to consider your search rankings.

Luckily, there are a lot of ways for you to have a good search ranking, and one of the most effective ways to do this is through SEO. With this, you are able to enhance your web design significantly, thus boosting your visibility.

These are some great SEO tips that can surely boost your search ranking without compromising your website’s style and creativity.

Make Sure Your Site Navigation is Search Engine-Friendly

Making sure that your site navigation is smooth is crucial to not sacrifice your search engine rankings. As much as possible, don’t use Flash for your site navigation. If it really can’t be helped, then at least make sure that you know how to create Flash objects which are easily accessible and web-crawler-friendly.

You’re encouraged to use unobtrusive JavaScript and CSS instead as they’re excellent in creating fancy website effects without compromising your search engine rankings.

Utilize Content Which Search Engine Spiders Can Detect

A website without content is pretty much a useless platform. That’s why it’s important that you fill your site with content that aren’t only relevant but appropriate for SEO as well. These can be achieved by using links, paragraphs, headings, and keywords in your content.

Create Search Engine-Friendly URLs

Be sure to only use URLs that aren’t hard to crawl – for instance, query strings. These kinds of URLs, which are always the best, have keywords in them so as to describe the content of the page even more effectively.

However, be wary of using CMS which utilize special codes and numbers for page URLs that are automatically generated. You can use content management systems to avoid these though; this way, you can customize your site’s URL without any worries.

Add Scripts Outside of Your HTML Document

If you’re personally coding your website, be sure to externalize your CSS and JavaScript. This is because search engines look through a website’s HTML document. If your CSS and JavaScript are not externalized, it’s possible that additional lines of code will be added in your HTML documents. This is bad news as it makes crawling a lot slower.

Disable Pages that You Don’t Want to Index

The last tip would be to block or disable the pages that you don’t want the search engine to index from your site. Pages like these are the ones that don’t necessarily add any value to your platform’s content. Such examples are your server-side scripts or even the pages that you use for test designs.

Before launching, make sure that you’re only exposing the pages that would boost your search ranking.


Enhancing your website shouldn’t just be done visually. You also have to consider the internal factors so that you’re maximizing SEO’s potential. Use the tips above to start. By simply following them, you can see a huge difference compared to when you’re starting out.