What’s the Difference Between a Web Developer and Web Designer?

In the current world, people have realized that they need websites for their company toquantify your ROI and achieve growth targets. As a result, companies are continuously looking for web design and web development services. However, some people do not understand the difference between the two aspects. The web developers and web designers have also added to the confusion as they use each other’s terms in describing their services. All the same, the two aspects are totally different.

Main Difference between a Web Developer and Web Designer

Web design is more concerned with the outlay of the website. The designer’s work is to ensure that the website looks appealing to the eyes. They have a primary focus on the aesthetic aspects. Besides, the designers also ensure the usability of a website. The tools they use in their work are different from what the web developer uses. Web designers use programs like Adobe Photoshop to design and generate the visual aspects as well as the layout of the website. They understand that the face of the website can attract a potential client even before they read the content.

On the other hand, web developers pick a designed website and add all the essential elements to make it functional. They make exploitation of programming language aided by tools such as HTML, PHP, and JavaScript among many more.

Details about Web Design

The first step in designing a website is to consider the client’s objectives and then use information architecture (AI) to create the website. AI is essential at this stage as it will guide the entire design. It is also instrumental in setting the information hierarchy. The next step is to generate the wireframes and finally embark on the design part. Several principles must be considered in web design.

The design must have a balance in factors such as colours and sizes of images.

Must have an ideal contrast of colours. Colours should not be crashing.

Emphasize on essential aspects of the website based on the intended goals.

Must have consistency, especially in themes and navigations.

Various parts of the websites must have unity to attract views. The website should not appear crowded.

Details about Web Development

The web developer, also known as programmers, takes the web design and transforms it into a functional website. The product will be a live website with all the characteristics of a website ready for use. They use web language and software to develop the usable website. Developers are further split into two classes; front-end and back-end developers — the front-end act as the link between the web designer and the back-end developer. The front-end developers have sufficient knowledge of the two aspects to allow them to develop a fully active website.

The front-end developer is tasked with web development on the parts of interface and layout to allow for interactions between the back-end and the users of the website. Front-end developers mainly use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript programming languages.  The back-end developers control the server’s data as well as requests. They mainly use PHP, ASP.NET, SQL, and MySQL.