Qualities that Digital Marketing Agencies Should Have

Marketing is not an easy task. It is one of the major factors for a company’s success or downfall. Therefore, it’s imperative that a company have the best marketing team to maintain their top ten list positions.

So, if you’re looking to partner up with a digital marketing agency, what qualities should you be looking for?


Testimonials mean positive comments directly told to the company. These are important as they reflect how much gratitude and satisfaction a client feels for the digital marketing company. The marketing agency should have a section on their website dedicated to clients’ testimonials. However, the number should be big. A couple of testimonials won’t be so satisfactory. Ideally, the number of testimonials should play around a hundred to attest the company’s consistency.

Online Reviews

Online reviews are different from testimonials. While testimonials are all about positivity, online reviews can be either positive or negative, or both. Just like how buyers are always finding online product reviews, clients are doing the same, too. A good digital marketing company should have a high rate of positive online reviews.

Good Marketing for their Company

A good digital marketing company should know how to market itself well, first and foremost. The way it presents itself to clients and readers already serves as its exemplar. If its marketing tactics for itself are good, effective, and convincing, then chances are they will deliver the same results to their clients.

Motivating Leadership

A leader is a leader for a reason. A good company, any company for that matter, should have a dedicated, inspiring, and motivating leader as leaders affect anyone and everyone under them. This is important because as vital as employees are to a company, leaders pave the way for them.

Harmonious Culture

In companies, culture means the operations and communications within and among teams. This is why a good digital marketing company should also have a harmonious internal culture to ensure the best results. Happy and satisfied employees always produce better results.


Digital marketing agencies should show growth. Growth pertains to the company’s constantly rising success over time. Growth also means the number of clients a company keeps. If a company has good growth measurement, then it’s very likely that they will deliver the best results.


Transparency is an important quality to have as it makes the potential clients feel more comfortable about signing a contract with the marketing agency. Although transparency can be in numerous forms, one key form of it is pricing. Pricing transparency shows potential clients how confident a marketing agency is about its ability to give good results. It also saves both the company and potential client time, as many partnerships fail to happen because of disagreement with pricing after the initial talk.


An effective marketing company should always find ways to improve and be creative. Despite already being successful, an ambitious company takes steps towards new processes and ideas. This ensures the companies continuous development and consequently, more success.


All of the marketing tactics mean nothing if the company cannot deliver. This is where performance comes in. Does the company actually help the client get revenue? While the success of a client’s company does not solely depend on marketing, an effective digital marketing agency always helps with the boost of its client’s revenue.


Thus, if the marketing company you’re looking at lacks most of these qualities, it might be time to find another one.