From the Devs: How to Promote Your Game Effectively | Roblox

Roblox allows developers to build their own environment and deploy different games on it for users to enjoy. However, with the plethora of options to choose from, developers need to have a great marketing skillset in order to promote their game among existing, as well as new, users. If you want to know more about it, keep reading.

Increasing awareness about your Roblox game

A game’s success is defined by its ability to capture and retain users with the development of the game. In order to get more consistent users, developers need to make sure that the world knows about every development of the game over its running course.

There are two major ways you can get more people aware of the launch of a new game or an update on an existing game –

Social Media promotion – Whether you are choosing it to be an organic one, or a paid one, any social media campaign should be a 360-approach effective one and should cover all the major platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and others.
After the initial run-up, find where most of your traffic is coming from and re-invest heavily in that platform over time.

Influencer Marketing – Gaming influencers have a strong online presence and command a huge fan base. By approaching those influencers to promote your game prior to its release will ensure that you get a surge of users on the game’s launch.
The most effective platform is YouTube, which allows these influencers to showcase the gameplay and hence give your game credibility.

You can also go offline and promote your game via free merchandise and giveaway contests, but none of them would be as effective as the above two approaches to promote your games to reliable users.

How to know if the marketing plan is working

It is important to keep an eye on the returning statistics of your marketing plan in order to increase the effectiveness of it. There are two kind s of stats that indicate the success of your game –

Developer stats – visit count, view count, source of reference, etc.

Game Analytics – player retention percentage, new users, favorite features, etc.

An average game goes through 10-15 cycles of updates during its initial launch period. Statistics play a huge role in determining the success of any update that was pushed to the game. A developer should be quick to roll back changes if the users’ response is bad.

Using ad bidding to promote the game

Ad bidding is a treacherous playfield when it comes to promoting Roblox games. A low-cost slot might not give any results, but a high-yield result might set you back for more than you might earn during the promotional period.

In order to avoid such scenarios, you should try and book slots prior to a major event to be launched on your game. The timing must be wide enough to allow more users to know about the event, while short enough to retain them till the event.

You can also try and mix ads near holiday seasons to gain significant revenue on your game. While the slots during holiday seasons are expensive, they undoubtedly offer better returns during that period.


Even if you are a developer, you should spend a considerable amount of time marketing your game in order to understand the users better and also gain good returns from your investment in the game.